photo of playing an acoustic guitar

Learn Folk-Blues Fingerpicking Guitar at Huber Guitar Studio

Folk-Blues fingerpicking guitar techniques can be used in a variety of genres of music: modern indie folk, ’60’s folk-rock, singer-songwriter, acoustic blues, bluegrass, Americana/roots music, etc.

-Learn to utilize a variety of techniques: Travis Picking, Alternating bass fingerpicking, mono-bass fingerpicking.

-Learn to play guitar by learning simple songs and developing technique as you go

-Learn basic music theory and create your own arrangements of folk songs

-Learn finger-picking technique while practicing your favorite songs!

-Have fun, express yourself, and create a musical foundation that you can build on for years to come!

-Huber Guitar Studio is located in Hampden right off of I-83, 7 minutes from downtown and convenient to most areas in and around Baltimore