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Learn Rhythm Guitar at Huber Guitar Studio!

Building a foundation in rhythm is crucial for learning any style on guitar. At Huber Guitar Studio, I encourage students to learn to read rhythms at the very early stages of playing. Even if you don’t read music, it is very important to understand rhythm. A firm grasp of rhythm will allow the budding guitar student to learn melodies and lead guitar faster and with better end results.

There are three main rhythm guitar components that I teach to beginning students and students who need a rhythm tune-up:

  • Learning major, minor, and 7th chord voicings up the fretboard. In order to play rhythm guitar effectively you’ve got to master the chords and chord changes. Look at any chord dictionary and you’ll find lots and lots of chords which can be really overwhelming! I teach students a highly effective method of learning chords using the C-A-G-E-D system.
  • Learning to read rhythm notation. Learning rhythm notation will unlock an important key to your sound as a guitar player. As with a lot of my teaching, I start with a basic idea and build on the concept. We’ll start with learning to count simple rhythms and then add complexity.
  • Timing and working with the metronome. Building a sense of tempo and timing is also very important to playing perfect rhythm guitar. I start my students early with counting and playing simple rhythms with the metronome.









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