Rock Guitar







Whether it’s 1950’s rock’n’roll, 60’s and 70’s classic rock, 80’s progressive, 90’s alternative/grunge, or the mix of styles happening today, Huber Guitar Studio will get you on the right track with learning the techniques and theory behind the vast and seldom predictable genre known as Rock Guitar.

Lessons in Rock Guitar include:

-Power Chords: learn how to make your guitar scream and rumble with power chords.

-Riffs: learn the classic riffs from your favorite songs and how to create your own killer riffs!

-Scales: Learn the pentatonic, major, and minor scales up and down the neck and how to use them to improvise.

-Licks: learn various rock licks and how to incorporate them into your solos.

-String Bending: learn how to make your guitar screech and wail with string-bending.

-Slides, Hammer-ons, and Pull-offs: learn the techniques to help you build speed.

-Build your Rock repertiore by learning your favorite songs!!


Guitar Lessons for all ages and ability levels.