Tuition/Cancellation Policy


Cancellation/Make-Up Policy


  1. Students must notify the instructor of a lesson cancellation a minimum of 24 hours prior to lesson time. If at least 24 hours notice is given, then a makeup lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible date.


  1. If the student cancels a lesson after 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time he or will not receive a make up lesson with the exceptions described below. The student forfeits the lesson time, and any unpaid balance will be due by the next scheduled lesson.


  1. Exceptions include: a sudden illness or emergency. In the event of a sudden illness or emergency the student will receive a make-up lesson at the earliest possible date.


  1. Make-up lessons will only be given within one month of the cancelled lesson.


Lesson Rates/Tuition Policy


  1. Guitar lessons at Huber Guitar Studio are $50 for an hour lesson and $30 for a half-hour lesson.


  1. Students may pay the instructor on a per lesson basis for their first two lessons.


  1. By the third lesson, the student must pay for the remainder of the current month’s lessons


  1. Monthly tuition is due on the student’s first lesson of the month.

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