Bluegrass Guitar Lessons


Bluegrass Guitar Lessons Baltimore

Taking bluegrass guitar lessons is a great method for those who are interested in folk, bluegrass, or country music and also for people who want to learn the basics and build a strong foundation of guitar techniques. It is an excellent way to get started as beginning guitarist or a great way to expand the skill-set of the advancing guitarist in the Baltimore area.

Bluegrass Guitar Lessons include:

  • Playing rhythm guitar chords “Carter style” with alternating bass notes and walking bass notes
  • Learning bluegrass/old-time repertoire: chords and melodies for songs and instrumentals.
  • Learning to develop speed and volume for playing lead breaks
  • Learning to improvise over the chord changes in bluegrass songs
  • Learning to arrange flatpicking solos for instrumental and vocal bluegrass songs
  • Learning the specific styles of master flat-pickers like Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Norman Blake and others.


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